Not where you want to be in your career? You need to change something.


If you want to…

  • Become a top candidate for Senior Leadership
  • ​Get noticed without sucking up to anyone else
  • ​Skyrocket your career without just “working harder” 

The Real Reason You’re Not Getting Promoted

While you wait for the C-Suite to call your name, thousands of people less qualified have landed influential executive roles.

These people didn’t put in the years you did. They didn’t manage the teams you managed. And they didn’t learn everything you learned.

But they still have something you don’t.

Another degree? Another year of work? Another handshake?

No, no, no.

89% of recruiters say job rejections come down to a lack of soft skills
 (LinkedIn Global Talent Trends).

You know what these are. You have many yourself:
  • Focus
  • Ambition
  • Collaboration
  • ​Communication
  • Common sense
  • Enthusiasm
  • ​etc.
Anyone can develop their soft skills, no degree or specific experience required.

But you need a very specific set of “soft skills” to get a foot in the C-Suite door…


For nearly 25 years, I’ve helped people break through the “leadership position barrier” with insightful and repeatable solutions.

My proven strategies have taken clients to the C-Suite in under 12 months. Some under 60 days.

I've written 2-books on Self-leadership as well as The New Leadership Playbook

I’ve consulted and coached C-Suite leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve spoken at TEDx and for audiences as large as 12,000.

 And now, I want to talk to you about taking that next step in your career.

I’ll start by telling you a dirty little secret no one talks about…

The skills that won your current position won’t cut it anymore – even some of the best soft skills.

You can have all the technical expertise in the world. You can even be a natural leader, loved by your team.
But none of it will matter without this one thing I’m going to teach you.

To make the C-Suite, you must know how to attract C-level attention. This is much more than just hanging around your superiors and hoping they glance in your direction.

Attracting executive people requires Self-leadership Executive Presence and, what I call, Influence Capital.
Not only that, you need to apply it just right. And I, Andrew Bryant, am one of the few people on earth who can help you do that in a C-level context.

If you want to learn more about Self-leadership, Executive Presence, Influence Capital and how they can get you into the role you were meant to play, I can coach you…

Your Chances Of Reaching The
C-Suite Just Soared

Before I go any further, realize what a unique opportunity awaits today:

Turnover in C-Suite positions rocketed from 10% to a whopping 17.5% in the last decade.

That means you have nearly double the chance of landing a C-Suite job if you play your cards right.

Of course, it also means you have a greater chance of getting fired - but this won’t be the case if you pay attention to what I have to say.

In a world where cultural demands and qualifications change faster than a runway model, most of your competition plays an endless game of mental chess in the workplace.
They ask silly questions like, 
  • “What should I say to make the boss like me?”
  • “What should I wear so colleagues notice me?”
  • “What task can I take on to improve my skills?”
What do all these questions have in common? They assume you can play the part rather than be the part.

In other words, most people would rather cut corners than make any real, effective change.


I work from the inside, out, because I believe in the importance of mindset.

And I only work with people willing to change their minds in order to achieve their goals.

Hundreds Of Leaders And Entrepreneurs Have Benefited From My Methods

Grant Halloran

 CEO at Planful

When Grant and I first met, over 20 years ago, he was, in his own words, a “young punk CEO.” We worked together to help him grow his fledgling company. Today, he’s a successful Silicon Valley CEO, but still reaches out to me for Self-Leadership advice.


Head of Delivery - Enterprise
Apps Group.

When Anjali came to me, she was a program manager at a software company. She struggled with self-belief - but we have since flipped that into a strength. Anjali’s doubts about herself became helpful tools for self-criticism and advancement in her career.


Head of Strategy and Ops,
Trust, Identity, and Safety.

Nicholas was a Senior Manager of 2,000 security staff when he came to me. Despite his great leadership and communication skills, he noticed room for growth. So we worked together to take his Executive presence to the next level.
 “I am now complete. Now, much more than ever before, my presence is felt, acknowledge and encouraged by my colleagues and bosses. I am no longer apologetic and have the confidence to express myself. I am no longer afraid to be vulnerable even in front of senior leaders in my organization. By growing my Executive Presence, I’m going to influence and impact and everyone around me.“

Poi Toong Tang

Market Access Director at Rockwell Automation

How I’m Different from Other Coaches

  • I have nearly 25 years of experience working with executives at all levels.
  • I have a pulse on today’s latest business dynamics and challenges.
  • I have delivered repeatable results that now speak for themselves. 
And for a limited time, you have a chance to work with me as your teacher, coach, and mentor.

I’ll help you find the best path to envision, strategize and execute your career goals.

Most important of all, you will learn Executive Presence + Influence Capital and how to apply them in a few simple steps…

3 Steps to Make You C-Suite-Ready



We find out where you are and what you want to achieve. My insights and tools help us both learn more about your value and ambitions.



We dive deeper into your strengths, weaknesses and specific goals. I help you better understand your career growth options, and we strategize.



I guide you through Self-Leadership, Executive Presence and Influence Capital. We establish the tools to help you translate your ambition to the reality you want.

You will learn to direct your feelings, thoughts, and actions to your career objectives.

And I’m with you the whole way.

Are You Ready?

Everything’s lined up for you to start knocking on the C-Suite door. But there’s just one thing left.

In this competitive market, you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve your performance, work relationships – and, I daresay – overall outlook on life.

But you have to want it.

Mind you, this is no magic bullet. It’s work.

But it’s work that works.

And if you’re ready to work with me, I’m ready to work with you.

 “This training has been a fantastic investment of both my time and money. The one idea that really stands out is the central message: Change the frame and you change the game! Ever since, I’ve shifted my perspective and behavior to align with executive presence, I’m seeing tangible and rapid growth in my leadership journey."

Vijay Venkatraman

Senior Product Designer, VMware

Here are More Executives Whose Growth And Transformation I've Been Proud To Be Part Of


C-Suite Executive

Rowan was a VP of Revenue Operations when we met. Despite past success, he wanted to further his potential to get into the C-Suite more quickly. In less than 7 months, I helped Rowan secure a C-Suite Marketing role at a tech company.


GM Of Marekting

Stephen was General Manager of Marketing at his company. His head was buried so deep in the marketing segment that he was passed over for a global leadership role. But, after working with me and learning Executive Presence, he is now a Global Director.


Director, Global Tech Company

Daniel was a Lead Technology Architect for a mining company. He came to me ready to get into the C-Suite, but first wanted to develop his leadership skills. With my practical, actionable advice, Daniel became Director of Global Technology at his company.


Project Manager in Singapore.

Undervalued and overlooked as a project manager in Singapore, she almost gave up her dreams of rising in the ranks. Instead, she came to me. Today, she manages a $1 billion dollar infrastructure company in San Francisco.

Radu Palamariu

Managing Director at Alcott Global

Radu started as a Business Development Manager at a non-profit. He had trouble talking to senior people and owning his presence. Together, we worked through those issues, and he continues to thrive on the Influence Capital he’s built.

Dinara Tagirova

Founder of WhySoDigital

Dinara was working as BD Project Manager for a Communication Consultancy. She was not aware of her power and influences, so she wasn’t getting paid far below her worth. She came to me, and now she’s a successful entrepreneur helping others market their services.